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January 2019

Get Organized!

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January is a great month to get organized for the year ahead. Here are some quick tips to get your home and life squared away.

  • Clean one drawer, shelf, or cupboard each day. Before you know it, you will have decluttered your storage so that you can actually put things away where they belong!
  • Cube shelf unit attached to wall. White in color with colorful ring binders such as blues, greens, yellows and pinks. Storage Sollution

    Find Organizing Tips that fit your style.

  • Go through all of your paper build-up. Take an afternoon and start going through all of your papers. Group papers by like categories. For example, all receipts in one pile, all correspondence in another.


  • Set up a basic filing system. For example, you could use headings like household, coupons, and headings for specific organizations or activities. You don’t have to alphabetize everything as long as it makes it into the right file folder.


  • Get a couple of tubs or storage containers to put things that you don’t have a specific place for yet.


  • Take everything out of the drawer or cupboard, and then put back in ONLY what belongs in that space. The rest of the stuff gets put away or into the miscellaneous tub to be dealt with later.


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