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About 1 Practical Blog

I started this blog to pull together every part of life, under one roof, right here. Pink Push Pin no background

People are busy and getting busier all the time. It used to be that we could spend more time finding what we are looking for, but now days, even with technology and online searches, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to spend time searching for the information, inspiration, helpful tips and advice for the things that impact our lives.

For your convenience, this online mag is divided into categories:

Home and Lifestyle

The home and lifestyle section is just what it implies. This category is all about the stuff that impacts your personal life. Your Home and decor, DIY Projects, Gardens, Patio, Health and Fitness, Family, Fashion, Clothing, Personal Politics and much more.


Here you will find articles and information geared mainly to the small business community, but if you are a corporate executive, you can still benefit from browsing this section because you might just find some ingenuity inspiration for your corporate world. Find out what small, and micro business owners are doing to stay competitive, or to start up that small business dream.


This section is about career building, office politics, and finding the right career path for you. Stop here for strategies on improving your value to your company, dealing with people you work with, resume building, education programs, and my picks for top jobs, and how to choose a career path.

Nancy’s Local Review From Soap Lake, WA

This section is for local people and tourists alike. It focuses on life in the Columbia Basin of Washington State. Located at the mouth of the Coulee Corridor, Soap Lake is the Entryway to fun in the sun, tours of Grand Coulee Dam, Fishing, Hiking, Lake Lenore Caves, Boating, Swimming, and every day life in the farmland hub of Washington state, Grant County, and outlying communities of Coulee City, Ephrata, Quincy, Moses Lake, Wilson Creek, and more.

Nancy’s Local Review from Soap Lake, WA is published right here in town. Here you will find information of interest to local
residents, snow birds, and those of you just visiting this area. This started as a fun hobby, but the blog is slowly taking shape. I encourage anyone who stumbles upon this online local news magazine to leave a comment and tell me what you think.


1 Practical Business is an official blog of Practical Solutions Home and Business Services of Soap Lake, WA

Practical Solutions has been in the area since January of 2010. We have relocated to the Soap Lake area and look forward to meeting cropped-cropped-gold-and-silver-sideways.pngand working with you in the future.

About 1 Practical Business

This blog was developed in order to provide resources to those who own, or are thinking about starting a small, or micro business, and to provide a platform on which to share successes, frustrations, tips, hints, and insights relevant to entrepreneurs everywhere.

1 Practical Career

is the official career blog of Practical Solutions Home and Business Services, and is dedicated to those who are wanting to improve their career skills, find the right career path, and to grow to their fullest potential.

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