Image of tall, dry, wheat at sunset . Purple, oranges, golds

Hello Soap Lake!

Image of smoke on the hills above soap lake, wa. Fir and other evergreen trees in the foreground.

Heavy Smoke above Soap Lake, WA 08/01/2015 Photo by Nancy Owens

Hope everyone is getting along okay on this smokey morning. This is the photo I took, and I think the smoke is even thicker now. It seems to be coming from just north of here, and I hear that the area around Waterville, WA has been threatened by fire for most of the summer.

And our thoughts and prayers go out for all our local fire fighters, ┬ámany of whom are volunteers, and to the farmers and ranchers affected as well. And to that we also want to remember all the farmers and ranchers in our prayers and good thoughts so that I haven’t been to the store or gas station yet, so I haven’t heard where it is coming from.

That’s how we have to do things sometimes in more rural areas. We get the news faster through the local grapevine. And sometimes, what is a major event to small town and rural communities, just doesn’t make the news on television, nor on the radio waves. Of course there is Facebook, but most people just post a photo and they only write a few words.

Does anybody out there know the details?

Have a good day–