By Nancy Owens, © Copyright Nancy Owens, All Rights Reserved

No matter what your age, now is the time to take a career aptitude test. Even if you are happy where you are employed, you can take the aptitude test to see where you can grow in your job.

If you are young and not enrolled in college, the career aptitude tests offered by your local colleges or unemployment offices are great for helping you to find direction in your career.

In most cases there is a small charge for taking the test, but it is worth it to find out about yourself and where you best fit in the working world.

The results of the tests will give you a range of job options you may not have considered for yourself. You can use this information as a general guide to gain an understanding of what you do best, and what gives you fulfillment. It may be that you find you want to move to a different department at your place of work, or that you want to change direction completely.