I decided to create this section of my Website as a means of connecting with people who are concerned with current events, societal changes, and who want to come together to brainstorm about solutions to the issues facing society in our  country.

I may write about some controversial topics here, and when you post comments, please remember that your own ideas and views may feel controversial to others.

Please know that everyone is welcome here, but you must also follow some ground rules (See Below)

Here is the link to my first News Commentary:

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

1: No hate speech. If you have a viewpoint, you can express it without expressing hatred.

2. Own your own ideas and opinions. For example, if you say you disagree with something, be prepared to give the reasons why, and to explain how you came to that conclusion. Don’t get mad if somebody else has facts or figures that may prove or disprove what you are saying. We all like it when people agree with us, but it is harder to accept that someone with a differing viewpoint might actually have a point, or prove your point wrong.

3. Let’s keep the focus on connecting and problem solving. 

4. Check your facts before calling someone a racist. For example, you should know that I am a second generation American on my father’s side. My grandparent’s people were killed, tortured, raped, penned up, and all manner of other abuses and suffering in both their own country, as well as this country. I have personally suffered physical, verbal, and emotional abuse simply because of the way I looked. Can you guess what color I am? What Nationality? If you are going to make that type of accusation, you should research your facts and be prepared to explain, in a nice way, why you came to that conclusion.

4. Keep it Clean. I simply will not allow any cuss words beyond dam or hell. Please use your clean words. No dirty words here. No sex talk, either.

5. Be respectful, even if you feel otherwise. Treat people with respect, even if you feel they don’t deserve it. You will never be sorry you did.

6. Bring an open mind and an open heart to the discussion. Let’s do something positive. 



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