Local Grocery Store Has Heart and Soul

Soap Lake, WA
By Nancy Owens, Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved
Photo by Nancy Owens All rights reserved

In small towns like Soap Lake, WA, the local grocery store, such as John’s Thrift, is often an important community element. The grocery store is the place where friends and neighbors catch up on what is going on. The bulletin board on the outside of the the building by the front doors contains announcements of upcoming events and local advertisements. To put your notice up all you have to do is stop at the deli counter with a copy of your notice. If it is approved, they will put it up for you.

Inside John’s, you can shop in peace. You can stand and look at the items in the isles without someone continually asking you to move. When I go to Walmart, it seems like it is impossible to stand still and look at something without somebody saying, “Excuse me,” which is code for, “Move!”

I also like that John’s has a pretty good selection of healthy beverages, and most all the staples for living.

In addition to all they offer, the staff is friendly and actually recognizes you when you come in the door. How nice, after a hard day’s work, to walk into the local grocery store and have someone greet you with a big smile.

My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone that makes John’s Thrift so special.