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Recently, when researching a possible order from Home Depot in Moses Lake, WA to be delivered to my home, I had a conversation with Jerry W., who

oversees delivery scheduling and coordinates with the delivery drivers. I asked Jerry if there was any way they could bring the cabinets into the house so they wouldn’t get wet in the drizzling weather while I found someone to help me get them inside. Without missing a beat, he cheerfully said “Yes! We can do that.”

I have to tell you, I was sort of shocked at how nice he was, and at how willing he was to go the extra mile for me, a customer he didn’t know. His willingness to do this was the reason I made the order. Had he said they could not bring the stuff in, I would have waited, looked around some more, and possibly bought the products from somewhere else. So… Score one for Home Depot right there.

Delivery day brought more smiles and surprises, because Jerry himself personally came to my house and took charge of bringing the cabinets and vanities into the house. Lee, the delivery driver, and I pitched in and in almost no time, everything was inside. During the process, I discovered that the normal practice is to just put the stuff in the driveway, but Jerry W. had made an exception in my case. He said he likes to get out and see the customers where they live when he can, and likes to see the projects they are working on with products they buy from the store where he works.

I asked them if they needed extra fees for the extra work and they wouldn’t take my money.


Photo Credit for these images: Nancy Owens. Seen above are two of the unfinished kitchen base cabinets. All ordering was done online and over the phone. This is a nice product and I was pleasantly surprised and the good construction.

When I asked if there was anything I could do for them, they suggested filling out the survey and that mentioning them by name would be nice. I heartily agreed.

This write-up is frosting on their cake, because I am going to give his boss the link so he can see what one customer wrote about his store and team in her blog.

At this writing, I have only unpacked two of the vanities, but both are in excellent condition, complete with fittings and instructions, so I am happy with the product I received.

In addition to the great delivery experience, I would like to thank Cindy, who helped me on the phone with getting the vanity order completed and delivery set up, as the web site had only the store pick up option in the order screens. Maria did a fair amount of  walking around to find information and people, and then called me back in a timely manner, all the while being so very nice to me. Then, Jerry W. also helped me with the add-on and shipping set-up for the kitchen cabinets that I later added to the order.

Lee, the independent contractor and official operator of the nifty little loader also deserves a special shout out. He could have dropped the stuff in my driveway and let Jerry do the rest, but he so cheerfully pitched in and it made the entire process that much nicer for all. I also liked that he was respectful of my water-logged driveway and didn’t make troughs with the tires of the loader in my ground.

Carlie (I neglected to get the spelling of her name, so I am guessing here) was instrumental in helping me obtain the contact information for Jerry’s boss, Jim, so that I can write a proper e-mail regarding this excellence in customer service.

Thank you ALL for going the extra mile.

See the first article about the ordering process with Moses Lake’s Home Depot Store in another one of my blogs,

Image / Photo Credit: Nancy Owens


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