This Puppy Was Abandoned

Hard to believe, right? When I look at this photo it is hard for me to believe that 10 days prior to this picture being taken, this puppy was found in a ditch by the road near where I live. Chris, the gentleman who was helping me with some work around my property found him lying in the ditch, apparently unable to stand. I could tell that something was wrong by the way Chris behaved when he showed up for work, and finally it came out that he had seen the puppy lying there, had stopped to check on it and found that it was half-starved and very leery of people.

So, a short while later, the rescue operation ensued. Chris and I went to the location. When he put his hand near the puppy, it growled at him, but it didn’t growl at me. Hmmm… There was one clue. The puppy was afraid of men, but not women. The puppy was basically skin and bones covered by soft puppy fur. He had a large crusted over bloody scab on his chin and his lower lip was split. We tried to get the puppy to stand, but he would not do it. He just lay there panting. I wondered if he had a spinal injury, although he did not look to have been hit by a vehicle. I decided to test to see if he had feeling in his feet by tickling the pads of his paws. When I did this, he moved his feet. Finally, I gently lifted him to see if he could stand, and he did, but immediately lay back down. He seemed to be completely tuckered out, and simply too weak to move.

I wasn’t looking for a dog that day, but I knew that if he were left there much longer, he would die. I did the only thing I could do. I picked him up, put him in the car, and took him home with me. At first, it was just going to be until I found a home for him. But first, I had to see if he was going to survive.

At first, he could only eat and drink small amounts, but that lasted only about 3 days. After that he became a bottomless pit, and it didn’t take long for him to get back to a normal puppy weight. Of course, I had to get him a bed and some toys. And he needed flea protection and puppy shampoo (he smelled very foul the day we found him). then he needed to be taught to walk in a harness and leash and of course to play fetch. Now he has a vet appointment at my cats’ vet. And we are working on terms like, “Don’t chase the kitties!”.

So I guess he has a home now. It was September 22nd when we found him, and in that time he has filled out, regained his strength. His welts and wounds have completely healed, and he is becoming a loyal member of the family. We just have to work on learning not to play too rough with the kitties.

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