At one in the morning, a ringing phone woke Cathy Dawson from a sound sleep. For most of us, a phone ringing in the wee hours means bad news. Not so for Cathy. It was her father calling to tell her he had just helped the Soap Lake Police Department in catching a bad guy.

Ed Dawson, 83, woke up to the sound of someone pounding on his door. According to Mr. Dawson, because of the midnight hour, he ( a licensed gun owner) got his gun before opening the door to find the Soap Lake Police Department at his door. The officers identified themselves and asked Ed to put his gun down, which he did after turning on a light so he could see that they were, in fact, the police.

It was then that the police informed Ed that they were looking for a man suspected of entering people’s homes while they were sleeping, and asked permission to search Ed’s property. After conducting their search and not finding the suspect, Ed saved the day. From the description the officers gave, Mr. Dawson knew exactly who the suspect was and where he lived.

The officers were able to go directly to the alleged bad guy’s hide-away, cuff him, and haul him away. Score one for Soap Lake! At least one more dirt bag is off the streets of Soap Lake, if only temporarily. Hopefully, this one will be put away instead of being released to offend again. That, however, is up to the Grant County Judicial System.

Here’s hoping.

More details will be forthcoming as facts become available.

Soap Lake Police Business Phone: 509-246-1122

Ed Dawson Helps Police Catch Suspect. Graphic Image Credit Nancy Owens

Ed Dawson Helps Police Catch Suspect. Graphic Image Credit Nancy Owens

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