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Some Practical Advice On Posting Comments — 3 Comments

    • B, I agree with you completely. If people do not give us honest feedback, it hinders our growth as individuals, coworkers, and friends. I also like that you said, “positive growth”. There really is a distinction between positive and negative growth. Sometimes we can grow ourselves in a direction that is negative by developing a jaded view, or perspective. In those situations, it is so important to have coworkers, and even bosses, who can let us know that we need to change course. And it is always nice when they do it with compassion, but in a way that is clear and to the point. This way, we get an accurate picture of what it is they feel we need to change.

  1. I like the postive nature of this post. We all experience issues at some point in our career and need a place to explore what when wrong, what went right, and how we can do better, or find solutions to perplexing problems. That said, as an employer and business owner, I would be very disappointed in an employee who posted destructive comments about me or my business

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