Yellow and Red Tomatoes warming in a skillet with green onions and peppers and a creamy white sauce that forms a base for homemade tomato sauce.

Lose Weight Fast With These Core Program Diet Recipes

Here you will find a growing collection of the recipes I and others use to follow the core program and lose weight quickly and steadily. These dishes are easy to cook and adapt to your whole family. See Recipe List Below.The recipe featured below is just one of many weight-loss staples I like to keep in my refrigerator. You can find the rest of the recipes by selecting the recipes category at your left, or you can get there from here, as well. 

Helpful Resource for Customizing Your Healthy Food Plan:

USDA FoodData Central is my go-to site for looking up food values for my own unique weight loss plan.

Nancy’s Every Day Diet

My Every Day Diet Core Program consists of the things you eat to give your body what it wants first, before giving yourself what you want.

And doing it every day is the key component of getting your body to let go of the fat while retaining and even replacing lost muscle tissue.

If you have read my book and are following the core program, the recipes here will help take the frustration out of cooking for reducing. You don’t have to measure and count when you use these recipes. Just have what is for you, a reasonable serving and enjoy.

Image of a white bowl filled with a chicken salad containing a variety of vegetables such as green peas, yellow corn, chopped broccoli slaw with grated carrots, mayo, cheese and purple onions on white background

Photo by Nancy Owens Nancy’s Chicken Salad garnished with cheddar cheese and purple onions.

The first recipe published here is for my chicken salad. I like this one because it is so easy and fast. You can customize it to your own liking with spices and vegetables, and eat it as a protein serving on a salad, brown rice cakes, or with cooked vegetables. Heck, I’ve even eaten it plain, as a one-dish meal!

Easy to Cook Recipes

One thing I am focused on with my recipes is to give you options for easy recipes that you can whip up in no time and have a delicious and healthy meal your whole entire family will love.

One of the most difficult barriers to success in weight loss is to get your family to eat healthy food with you, or to cook a separate meal for yourself. Nobody wants to have to cook two separate meals. The recipes listed here are designed to both work with Nancy’s Core Weight Loss Program, and to fulfill the rest of the family’s wishes for great tasting food using ingredients everyone loves.

When I began developing my favorite weight reducing recipes, I served them to family and friends, and virtually nobody even suspected they were eating diet food. And that is the beauty of this core program: you are eating regular food, just in a healthy way.

Guidelines for Following Nancy’s Every Day Diet Recipes

Most of these recipes can be made quickly, with little to no measuring, as long as you follow the following guidelines:

  • Pay attention to the recommended package sizes for food ingredients that are recommended in the recipe.
  • When working with new tastes or ingredients, add small amounts at first, then taste, and add more if you wish. For example: if you have not yet tried kale, buy a small amount, and add just a few snippets of chopped kale as an addition to your tossed salad, using more as time goes on.
  • Read my post about cooking without measuring. This article will give you information as to how to season and create dishes with very little measuring.
  • Realize that cooking healthy food for yourself and your family does not have to mean you must have the skill level of a professional chef, nor does it mean that you have to serve it on fancy dishes, or a table set like one of Martha Stewart’s party tables.
  • Accept the fact that you may have some cooking failures. It is a part of life and the learning process. I do suggest, however, that the first time you use one of my recipes, you make a small batch, just to see if you like it. Later, you can double up the batches and store for future use.

A Month of Nancy’s Every Day Diet Core Program Recipes

  1. Alfredo Sauce
  2. Apple Chicken Salad (So Easy and Tastes Great!)
  3. Apple Pork Loin
  4. Apple Sauce
  5. Barbeque Chicken
  6. Barbeque Sauce
  7. Beef Lentil Chowder
  8. Beef Tips in Stroganoff Sauce
  9. Breakfast Bake
  10. Chicken Chowder
  11. Chicken Salad
  12. Chicken Strips
  13. Deviled Eggs
  14. Egg Salad Sandwich (On Protein Bread)
  15. Farmer Salad
  16. Hawaiian Ham Bake
  17. Home Made Spaghetti
  18. Macaroni and Cheese Bake
  19. Macaroni Salad
  20. Navy Bean and Ham Soup
  21. Philly Cheese-steak Lentil Sandwich (This one is really good, folks!) Use Protein Bread
  22. Pot Roast
  23. Roast Turkey Breast (It is not just for holidays!)
  24.  Spanish Rice With Beef (This one will take you to an article I wrote for HubPages, and will open in a new tab).
  25.  Sweet and Sour Sauce
  26. Taco Salad
  27. Tacos