Here you will find handy information about many things related to kitchens and cooking and managing your progress on The Every Day Diet program. Find articles here about the following:

  •  Recommended Kitchen and Cooking Tools, Appliances, and Utensils
  • Food Sourcing
  • Food Storage
  • Prep Cooking and Other Helpful Cooking Tips
  • Kitchen Organization Tips
  • Kitchen Management

Easy Ways to Cook Healthy Food that Tastes Great!

Home made tomato sauce.

We all enjoy easy ways to cook great-tasting and healthy food. There is nothing worse than going to lots of trouble to cook healthy, but when you taste it, your mouth begins to protest.

As I say in my book, if we don’t like the food we have to eat on a weight loss program, we won’t stick with it for long. Cooking and managing your kitchen at home does not have to be drudgery work that lasts for hours on end–unless you want it to! Some days, when the weather is cold or blustery, I really do enjoy cooking all day long. When I do this, I usually can freeze up several entire entrees, several full meal convenience meals, and prep lots of vegetables for putting together really fast, healthy meals with little to no waiting!

Kitchen Staples

Rustic display of wooden spoons and other kitchen hand tools on rustic wood background

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on kitchen tools, but investing in a few can make your life much easier, and your food more enjoyable.

There are two kinds of kitchen staples:

  • Basic and necessary kitchen tools which allow us to efficiently store, prepare, cook, and serve meals to ourselves and to our families.
  • Food staples that are the building blocks for food and beverages you prepare every day.


Great Tasting Recipes and Menu Ideas For the Every Day Diet

Image of a white bowl filled with a chicken salad containing a variety of vegetables such as green peas, yellow corn, chopped broccoli slaw with grated carrots, mayo, cheese and purple onions on white background

Photo by Nancy Owens Nancy’s Chicken Salad garnished with cheddar cheese and purple onions.

The recipes here all qualify for the diet core foods. When you follow these easy instructions, you know you are going to eat food that tastes great, fulfills the Every Day guidelines, and is easy to cook and freeze. In my book, I talk about how difficult it can be to stick with any diet without doing some sort of cooking. For those of you who are cooking challenged in some way, these menu ideas are really easy, and you can whip them up without a ton of measuring, mess making, and cleanup.

Where and How to Find High Quality and Healthy Food Sources

When I find new ideas for healthy food sources, I will post them here to share with all of you. In my book I share with readers how to utilize a wide variety of food sources including some of the following:

  • Selecting High-quality Produce
  • Foods to Grow at Home
  • Meat and Deli Counter Foods
  • Farmers’ Markets and How to Prep and Store Foods
  • Convenience Meals
  • Online Cooking Vendors (Meal in a Box)


White antique bowl filled with cottage cheese and fruit. Delicate scroll and scallop work around the lip of the bowl.

Photo by Nancy Owens Another Every Day Diet Staple. If I am really craving carbs, this will make the cravings stop and give me energy. And it helps that I love cottage cheese and fruit.


Tips and Tricks for Doing the Every Day Diet With Your Family

In the book I devoted a full chapter to this topic because it is so very important. As new information comes, I will also post it here. For now, the main focus is on the following topics:

  • Establishing yourself as an individual.
  • Cooking the same foods for the entire family. No more cooking one meager meal for yourself and cooking a second entire meal for your family. With The Every Day Diet, the whole family will enjoy the same healthy and high-quality foods.
  • Ways to make family favorites healthy enough to qualify for the Every Day Diet Core Program.
  • How to create more healthy boundaries with family members while you are on a weight-loss program.
Antique light blue pyrex dish filled with white Greek yogurt dip and garnished with chopped green onions.

Photo Credit: Image Copyright by Nancy Owens. A Greek yogurt dip garnished with green onions



Healthy Food You May Actually Love!