Hawk Fuel in Soap Lake is located right at the mouth of the Coulee Corridor. This is the go-to stop for people going fishing, boating, and sight=seeing through the miles of the historic chain of lakes and canyons that make up the famous route that takes people to the Grand Coulee Dam.

For the local people, this little gas station and convenience store can be a hub of information about the goings on in our community, and of course, a supply depot for the stuff we need every day when we stop to gas up our vehicles, get a soda, or other beverage and snacks. I also like that they are now bringing in more healthy options for those of us who are watching our sugar and fat intakes. Don’t get me wrong, though. You can still load up with chips, pizza, and plenty of other tasty snacks as well.

At this time, I would like to recognize a long-standing employee of Hawk Fuel: Shyvonne. I do not know her last name, but she has worked at this little stop for a number of years now, and in my opinion is a stellar employee.

Shyvonne is always polite when I visit the store. She usually acknowledges me when I walk into the store, and is always helpful no matter how busy she may be. Even when I bring something to their attention, like coffee that has cooled in the thermos pumps or some other little thing, Shyvonne always, repeat, always, corrects the problem with a smile. She just takes care of it for the customer. She doesn’t argue about whose fault it is or make excuses. She just says, “Ooops. I’ll fix it. Thanks for telling me.” I really like that. A customer doesn’t want to hear defensiveness when they bring something to the attention of a store or restaurant. The customer wants exactly what Shyvonne does, which is to be nice to the customer and correct the problem.

Recently, she took the initiative to investigate adding a product that I asked about.

I was grumpy and tired one morning when I went into the store. I wanted a specific healthy beverage with no sugar and lots of beneficial stuff in it. UP Time is the name of the beverage, and it has Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and coenzyme q10 in it. It is lightly carbonated and has a great taste. When I drink it, I have more energy within about 30 minutes and feel more focused. It is a great pick-me-up when I have had too little sleep.

At any rate, that morning I was looking for UP TIME, or something similar, which they did not have. Shyvonne was so nice to me that morning, even though I was grumpy and not at my best. She then talked with her vendors and others and within about a week, they had UP TIME on the shelves.

I didn’t even know it until last week when I stopped in and Shyvonne showed me where it is now located, in the small refrigerator with the deli sandwiches.

Thank you, Shyvonne for caring about me, the customer.

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