Around the Soap Lake and Grant County area, we are in that awkward spring phase right now. There is still a lot of snow on the ground, but it is melting, and raining, and melting. I don’t know anybody around these parts who isn’t ready for the snow to be gone.

So what can we do here in Soap Lake while we are waiting for those balmy and breezy days of spring?

Get your inner garden on! Now is the time to start all those plants you want to grow to supplement your food stores. There is nothing better than home-grown vegetables and produce. Now is the time to start seedlings such as lettuce, onions, garlic, and other herbs. Broccoli is another good one for early spring planting.

Right now, we still have about a foot of snow on the ground, but as the snow goes away and the ground begins to show through, you can direct-sow seeds that like and thrive in the cold weather.

Planting the early crop seeds indoors right now is also a good idea. Peas, broccoli, mint, garlic, onions, lettuce, and even carrots all seem to thrive on the cool weather in spring. Just start them in peat pots, or even empty yogurt cups. In a couple more weeks the snow will be gone, and you can just plant the tiny seedlings in the garden.

So, while you are waiting for winter to move out, try moving some garden plants inside. Not that you have nothing better to do, like work, raise your kids, and everything else  you do in an average day, Lol!